Working at Ascensia

Ascensia is an exciting, caring and unique place to work, filled with talented people. Our employees thrive on interesting and challenging work, because they know they are making an impact.

As a dynamic, forward-thinking company, we are always looking for like-minded people to join us. We want to attract individuals who share our passion for helping people living with diabetes and want to use innovation to solve the problems faced by customers or colleagues.

Meet some of the people who work at Ascensia and learn more about our culture.

Although We Are Global, We Retain A Small Company Feel

“While Ascensia has operations in many markets, our teams maintain a close knit environment that allows us to act with the agility of a much smaller company. I have been privileged with meeting and working with people from all over the globe, who ar...

Cristal, USA

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As A Company, We Are Focused On What Our Customers Need

“Customer satisfaction is very important to ensure long term relationships and I am proud to work for a company that has gained such a reputation with our customers. Our focus on customers helps me provide the best quality solution to the right consu...

Sheetal, India

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We Are Able To Make An Impact In Our Roles

“I love to come to work every day because at Ascensia I know that I am given a platform to make an impact. Both in the office and in the outside world, Ascensia works to have a positive impact on the lives of people with diabetes. Our work contribute...

Elaine, USA

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We Are Committed To Innovation In All Parts Of Our Business

“Innovation is a key aspect of everything that we do at Ascensia. Innovation always begins with an idea, but I feel that our agile work environment and global reach gives everyone the chance to find the support they need to turn their idea into somet...

Burkhard, Germany

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Our Employees Are Motivated By Challenging And Varied Work

I feel that Ascensia’s culture empowers me to take on new responsibilities that allow me to test different ideas and make decisions that may have a big impact on our business. When you step out of your normal tasks, you meet new people and get to lea...

Corinne, Switzerland

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We Are Proud To Be Dedicated Only To Diabetes

“At Ascensia, we maintain a dedication to only diabetes and those that it affects. We take pride in what we do. Being completely devoted to diabetes, it is important for us to understand the needs of people with diabetes so that we can provide the be...

Erik, USA

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What it's like to work at Ascensia

Global Community
Only Diabetes
Challenging Work
Customer Focused
Making an Impact
Committed to Innovation