As a dynamic, forward-­thinking company, we are always looking for like-­minded people to join us.


One of our values is focused on helping people living with diabetes and it was this value that attracted me to the company. When you look at Ascensia, you see that our people both work for the company, but also for our patients.

Ascensia is a very nimble company, and we're able to make decisions efficiently. We are able to gather feedback from the frontline, and based on that information, can provide thoughtful, quality solutions for our patients.

We are an innovative company that is very focused on our future and we believe that we can create our own path. Our employees feel empowered to take ownership. This means we have the ability to make a difference through our own work.


We are a very dynamic company. We emphasize innovation, customer service and motivation. We have a business model that challenges us to perform better and to improve – Ascensia as a company drives us towards solutions in a very motivating environment. I see this every day – a high level of engagement among my colleagues and a sense of rising to the challenge to be the best that you can be.

From a professional development standpoint, I have an opportunity to apply my knowledge and to grow in different areas. Ascensia is a company where there are so many opportunities to have a positive impact.

Ascensia has a culture that is focused on performance and respect. We have achieved performance by focusing on our patients while maintaining respect for customers, colleagues and partners across the business. And getting to have a tangible impact on the diabetes community is one of the reasons why I enjoy working at Ascensia.


At Ascensia, we have the opportunity to drive our own culture – this is really exciting because we are able to chart our own path as employees and a business. In my role, I have the autonomy and freedom to contribute to the culture in making decisions that are in the best interests of our employees, and this is one of the things that drives and motivates me.

There is a huge sense of pride in what we do as an organization and through the patients that we touch. I come to work with the goal of supporting and engaging our employees that are creating products and solutions that impact the lives of people living with diabetes. No matter the function, we are all very focused on this mission. The commitment and energy is really infectious. At Ascensia, people are excited and very open to new ideas and new ways of working.

The biggest Ascensia value that stands out to me is respect. I feel recognized for the tremendous amount of work that we do every day, and I feel a true sense of team. We are facing 'new frontiers' together, but we see this as opportunity, driven by what customers need and our ability to innovate.

As an Ascensia employee, we're looking for people that are willing to say — 'how can I make this better?' We value an entrepreneurial spirit — people that drive opportunities forward.


At Ascensia, we are a very global team. There is a true sense of camaraderie and respect that resonates across the organization. At the same time, we have a structure that ensures functional and regional involvement and collaboration.

Something we share across our company is a sense of customer-orientation – no matter the role, function or type of work you do at Ascensia, you are making a very valuable contribution to our customers and patients.

My role is very multi-faceted, and is always changing from day to day. This reflects something I noticed from the very beginning of my time at Ascensia, which is that I have the ability to bring ideas to the table, and the opportunity to work on them with my team. As an individual, I have the ability to drive change. From the top down, there has never been the expectation that you will remain stagnant in your role.


There is a unique environment for people development at Ascensia, and we genuinely enjoy our jobs and working together. One of the ways that colleagues from across geographies, cultures and functions are aligned is that we recognize ourselves in the values of our company.

The 'forward thinking' company value resonates with me. We are striving to be the best in our category – and to do so, we are thinking differently, and acting efficiently, but consciously, at the same time. We are now a more dynamic company – and we're thinking about the future in a completely different way. There is more innovation, and the long-term strategy that we are working towards is challenging, exciting and motivating. Ultimately, we are working towards a future that will transform the healthcare sector.

In order to transform the healthcare environment, we have to be very customer-focused. Everything we do at Ascensia is linked with our customer priorities. We are active listeners, and keep our customers and patients front of mind in all that we do. The focus on the customer means we are very committed to the diabetes community. There is a shared sense that Ascensia has a future based on innovation that is full of opportunities, motivating us to perform.


What is really enjoyable about my role is the collaboration across so many different functions and geographies. It's really exciting to see how all the different functions fit together and how all the puzzle pieces make such an incredible picture. I've also appreciated the benefits of an international career by working in a multicultural and cross-border organization.

The company value that resonates most with me is that we are 'only diabetes.' This enables us to really focus on our area of expertise, and is an area where we have an opportunity to grow and outperform for the sake of patients impacted by diabetes. This value is closely linked to another core company value – that we are customer focused. We are delivering something that customers are asking for now.