Our goal with any partnership is to simplify and improve the lives of people with diabetes by providing solutions that make a positive, daily difference.

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Business Development and Licensing

Addressing the Challenges of Diabetes Management through Collaboration

At Ascensia Diabetes Care we do not believe that the challenges of diabetes can be overcome by one company working alone. We need to work with multiple partners from different parts of the diabetes industry if we are to meet the changing needs of people living with diabetes. These collaborations are essential to the development of groundbreaking technologies for diabetes management and making them available for people across the world. We enter into mutually beneficial partnerships that use the expertise and skills of each partner to create the most effective collaboration that can help people with diabetes.

Our Current Partnerships

Our technology and commercial partners help us to create more effective diabetes management solutions or get existing solutions into the hands of more people with diabetes. We are proud of the collaborations we have with these current partners.





Data Analysis

Regional technology partnership to connect the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter with the Balansio mobile app (recently acquired by ProWellness), which includes a calculator for bolus insulin dosing for people with type 1 diabetes.

Data Analysis

Global technology partnership with Glooko to integrate their data management platform with our CONTOUR®NEXT ONE and CONTOUR®PLUS ONE systems to allow blood glucose data to be accessed by patients via Glooko’s Mobile App and by HCPs via Glooko’s Clinic Data Upload products.

Data Analysis

Regional collaboration in India to connect the CONTOUR®PLUS ONE meter to the GOQii disease management application that is part of their smart preventive health ecosystem which supports comprehensive diabetes management.

Data Analysis

Regional collaboration in Asian markets to provide an offering for people with diabetes that is comprised of the CONTOUR®PLUS or CONTOUR®TS blood glucose monitoring systems, the Health2Sync app and a loyalty program for users, known as the Ascensia Customer Care Program.

Insulin Delivery

Global alliance to exclusively co-develop and supply the CONTOUR®NEXT LINK and CONTOUR®PLUS LINK blood glucose meters that connect to the MiniMed® Paradigm and 6 Series pump systems (including the MiniMed® 630G and MiniMed® 670G) for seamless calibration and insulin dosing.


Global agreement to commercialize and distribute the currently available Eversense CGM systems and future next-generation products in development.

Data Analysis

Regional technology partnership in Russia and CIS countries to integrate data from the CONTOUR®PLUS ONE with any Russian electronic medical records system, and telemedicine providers for physicians, care teams and biomedical engineers.

Data Analysis

Global technology partnership to connect the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE and CONTOUR®PLUS ONE meters via Bluetooth to the Insulia® Diabetes Management Companion from Voluntis which can help calculate basal insulin dosing for people with type 2 diabetes.