By Kelly Kunik and Corinna Cornejo

Kelly Kunik is a blogger and advocate from the U.S. who writes about her life with diabetes on Describing herself as a “Diabetes Humorist” Kelly uses her comedic lens to describe her experiences. Kelly is active on Twitter (@diabetesalish), Facebook (@diabetesaliciousness), and Instagram (@diabetesalish).

Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of eight on Halloween, Kelly says that her greatest weakness (her broken pancreas) has become her greatest strength and biggest passion. She is passionately spreading the word about living a great life with diabetes.

Corinna Cornejo is a patient advocate and blogger who focuses on health policy and developments in technology and digital healthcare without losing sight of their potential impact on real people's lives. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a decade ago and lives in Hawaii. Corinna blogs at and can be found on Twitter and Facebook as @Type2Musings.

The opinions presented in these blog posts are those of the authors and may not represent the opinions of Ascensia Diabetes Care.

Ascensia have provided financial support for registration for Kelly and Corinna to participate in the American Diabetes Association Virtual Scientific Sessions 2020 and have paid them an honorarium for their services as guest reporters.